"The accuracy of diagnosis"

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    Diagnostic reagents that are used in the field of clinical chemistry, serology, haematology, and haemostasis

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    All our products undergo stringent quality control during each stage of manufacturing


    "The accuracy of diagnosis"

    GENESIS is an Egyptian Company Started up in 2012 for Biotechnology develops and manufactures high quality in diagnostic reagents.

    We are actively involved in state-of-the art research and development initiatives designed to keep our customers at the forefront of diagnostic technology.

    In 2013 our Diagnostics team succeeded identifies the business goals and vision; which resulted in the development of a new generation of liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents using the Micro Stab® technology.


    During the last 5 years, GENESIS has been fully Certified as a manufacturing Clinical Diagnostic Reagents to be one of the leading manufacturers of chemical diagnostics around the world, offering a larger and competitive range of products with the highest quality .

    In 2016 moved to The new factory with the latest standards for Chemistry industries in the 1st Industrial area, Obour city and also fulfilling environmental requirements with space Sufficient to cover market inquires.

    In 2018 The quality system implemented by GENESIS, has been certified according ISO 13485-2016 and CE Certificate.


    We export our products to Many countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia and many countries click to recognize the full list

    CE Certificates

    Genesis has been certified CMC Medical devices and drugs S.L.

    ISO Certificates

    Genesis have been certified according ISO 13485-2016

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    Clinical chemistry
    Hematology & Blood grouping