GENESIS is an Egyptian Company Started up in 2012 for Biotechnology develops and manufactures high quality in diagnostic reagents. We are actively involved in state-of-the art research and development initiatives designed to keep our customers at the forefront of diagnostic technology.

In 2013 our Diagnostics team succeeded identifies the business goals and vision; which resulted in the development of a new generation of liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents using the Micro StabĀ® technology.

During the last 5 years, GENESIS has been fully Certified as a manufacturing Clinical Diagnostic Reagents to be one of the leading manufacturers of chemical diagnostics around the world, offering a larger and competitive range of products with the highest quality .

In 2016 moved to The new factory with the latest standards for Chemistry industries in the 1st Industrial area, Obour city and also fulfilling environmental requirements with space Sufficient to cover market inquires.


GENESIS is absolutely self-directed, with the influence of our Diagnostics expert team, violently researching team and our exclusive Micro StabĀ® mix has been stated.
Giving – up our liquid chemistry reagents the maximum affordable stability which enhances linearity,reproducibility, reliability and sensitivity.


To gain the respect and trust of our customers worldwide by continuously finding better solutions across all features of our products as one of the leading manufacturers of Diagnostics Products in the world.


GENESIS provides the value of uniqueness.
We improve existing and add new qualities to products at every stage of their production, Delivers exclusive and supreme services stating partnership prospective ,supporting customers satisfaction guarantees successful over the world, commitment to quality,


We can express our philosophy from serveral words and they are Partnership, Accuracy, Environment, Flexibility, Attraction & Retention, Stability, SUSTAINABILITY, Productivity & Creativity, Technology, Satisfaction, Uniqueness